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Who & Why

Website Maintenance Wire was created by a Texas based web development company (Vessio, LLC) to meet the demand of general website maintenance for every day websites, blogs, and e-commerce stores.

In this day and age, almost everyone has a website or a business that utilizes a website to help promote products and services – the problem we set out to fix was simply keeping these sites current and fresh. The web world moves FAST, browsers update, trends change, sites break, designs need updating, and more importantly website content needs to be current. This is where we step in, we work with you and remain right by your side so your website is always top notch.

Our Background

Our long standing goal as a business has always been to demonstrate leadership in our service space while sharing our experience so our customers receive well-rounded web development support.

Since 2006, Vessio has provided web design and development services to a wide range of small and large companies both locally and internationally. We are truly passionate about maintaining efficiency in the web development and management space.

Mike Danna has maintained sole ownership of Vessio for more than 11 years actively leading advanced services and communications for our clients. Personal attention is firmly placed at the top of our priorities across all of our clients regardless of the level of service acquired.

Austin – From ivgongreen.com Says…

Awesome!!! I really enjoy the great customer service you continue to provide. I can honestly say I think my partner and I have found the perfect match. In the past we’ve tried so many other companies but no results. The lack of experience and support was hurting our business. I’ve talked to several of my friends to switch from their old services to yours…..Maintenance Wire!

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