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I Need To Rebuild My Website – When It’s Time

Is your site based on Weebly, Joomla, or Zen Cart? Does your site look dated in comparison with other sites and your competition? Have you outgrown your basic 1in1mywebsite or Wix do it yourself platform? If the answer is yes, then it's probably that time, but don't kick yourself to much.. Technology and advancements in the web development aspect move very quickly.

Eventually you have to bite the bullet and bring your website up to speed with current times. The design and look of your site are only part of the big picture. Updating your site also incorporates the ease of ability to add posts, update blogs, and create a much more user centric interface. It's also more simplified for you and your website maintenance company to work with.

So don't sit on your hands with your web presence at stake, get current and help your company grow!

Customer Spotlight – Website Maintenance Services

We have had the opportunity to work with Gemma from which provides tasty recipes for the everyday cook, wellness tips, & more. Her recipes are simply wonderful and are clearly prepared with her passion for the culinary industry. It has been a pleasure to work with Gemma in development, website maintenance, and watching her business grow over the past couple years.

Gemma recently shared some very complimentary words about her experience with our Website Maintenance Services:

"When I joined Vessio / Website Maintenance Wire about 2+ years ago, my readership was in the lower single thousands. Mike laid out a content plan, optimization plan, and SEO plan to better serve my niche. My page views have increased more than 125% monthly which clearly shows that our SEO strategy and content strategy have successfully worked. (we are now averaging around 15k monthly) By working together and creating great content, I continue to organically grow my site and increase my readership."

We encourage anyone in search of fresh and sustainable Caribbean inspired recipes to hop on over to Gemmas website at!

Should I Update All Of My WordPress Plugins?

Ahh, WordPress again...Answer is no. WordPress is widely popular for being easy to use, yet has a knack to surface incredible problems in terms of maintaining updates. We see this so often it is humorous. Our customers at times even doubt our ability and fore-site to ensure the well being of their website. Truth be told, as annoying as those little red icons are, they are not mocking you and are not mandatory. Often times, the latest versions of plugins may not be compatible with other areas of your website causing unnecessary headaches.

Should I Update WordPress Plugins

When do I update?

Well, are you having problems? If not, forget about those annoying little circle notices and move on with peace. Now, if your website is not under the care of a decent hosting provider or a website maintenance service - (shameless plug, but you are reading this on our website) simply proceed with care. WordPress is built upon third-party development plugins. Not a bad thing if you just keep in mind that there are some bad apples out there within the realm of third-party plugins. In short, not all plugins are going to agree with your existing site configuration.


Customer Spotlight – Business Website Maintenance Services

We have had the opportunity to work with Jeremy from 3 Generations Improvements a full service siding, windows and decking company since October 2014. This is a great establishment to say the least, a true success story. What I love the most is seeing how they truly place importance on their website as a tool for their business, a great example of rolling with the times and modern thinking.

Jeremy recently sent in some very kind words about his experience with our Website Maintenance Services:

"Mike and his team are a perfect addition to our small business! We are not a big enough company to have a full time webmaster, but this is the next best thing! Mike has often times fixed our website or completed our requests within hours of emailing him - now that is service that is not often found in his industry. Make the call, you will not be disappointed!"

Business Website Maintenance Services

3 Generations Improvements is a family-owned business that prides itself on a combined 102 years of experience starting in 1956. Grandpa Bob Owens began his career in their industry, followed in 1976, by his son, Kurt Owens and his grandson, Jeremy Owens, in 2002. They have maintained a great business serving Sacramento, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park, Shingle Springs, Fair Oaks, Granite Bay, North Bay, Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Napa, Sonoma, Novato, EAST BAY, Walnut Creek, Moraga, Pleasant Hill, Hercules, Richmond, Vallejo, Tahoe, South Lake Tahoe, North Lake Tahoe, Kings Beach, Quincy, Truckee, Auburn, South Sierra, Sonora, Copperopolis, Jackson, and many other areas.

I encourage anyone in need of service in their supporting areas to pay a visit to their website at 3 Generations Improvements.

The Perfect AdWords Ad – Tips and Tricks

We offer several different services as add-ons to our maintenance plans, one of these services is AdWords management. Just like everything we do in the web space we like to abide strictly to the "Keep It Simple!" mindset. AdWords for lack of better words is intimidating to say the least, you are letting Google auto bill your credit card, you are paying for each and every click, as well as are trying to digest the complex dashboard of the AdWords system.

While all of the above is true, there are definitely only a handful of true tips and tricks to get the AdWords machine working for you.

For example, below is a basic break down of good and bad AdWords ad:

How To Wite A Good AdWords Ad
The general science in a well made AdWords ad

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Checklist for a proper AdWords campaign would include:

1. Answer a need (the more specific the better)
2. Entice with a call to action
3. Have your landing page fill in the gaps as well as funnel the visitor via web form or contact method.

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Once the concept is active and optimized, it is then good to practice and duplicate the campaign scenario across other service areas of your business. This of course applies to the very modest campaign, perhaps for the local business who just wants a steady flow of weekly phone calls while maintaining an advertising expense of roughly $400.00 monthly. Feel free to touch base if you would like to chat about using AdWords for your site, we're always happy to chat and share our advise where we can.

Customer Feedback – Why We Love Our Job!

You know, sometimes receiving feedback from a long time customer can provide great prospective on how we handle our service - I always stand by this as it truly is a vital way for us to see how our customers receive and interpret our services.

We have had the pleasure of working with Eric from Washington Home and Energy for roughly a year now and when he sent us his feedback, I had to share.

Website Maintenance Services - Customer Feedback

"I have been using the services of Wire for approximately 1 year. I found this web site maintenance business from an on-line search I conducted due to on-going problems with my previous developer. Having no word of mouth, referrals for I approached them very cautiously. My main concerns were: Would they complete tasks as per my wishes? Would they have integrity, and honesty in their business practices? Would I be able to pick up the phone and have a representative actually answer my call? From the start I realized that their actions would define them over time, not their words. I have to say that Mike Danna with Wire has not only exceeded my expectations in web site development but has proven himself to be an honest man who will complete given tasks on time and in a professional manner.

BTW - Mike did not request this testimonial………I offered it!"

Thanks Eric, it has been great working with you!

Creating A New Website

A common question for our new customers and friendly prospects is "can we create a new website?" another one is "do we need a new website?". This is personally one of my favorite inquires as it opens several doors to enhance your web presence.

Create New Website

First, I'll just get right to the point and say that yes we can create a new website, and yes it is certainly going to be affordable for you.

Websites in their early years were pricey and fairly permanent which was 100% ok as the internet was new and still in discovery. These days, creating a new website is a fun and great way to leverage your business, brand, and marketing.

When To Create A New Website
Generally speaking, if your website is more than a few years old, has not been updated in months/years, or has been significantly compromised - starting from scratch is by far the best option. We always like to provide this option to our customers as in most cases your old website contains the needed structure and base contents to provide us an efficient route to design a new website for you.

Landing Pages
Sometimes, a brand new website is not needed. Perhaps you simply want to expand your reach for a specific service or product - in this scenario we would recommend designing a landing page for you. Landing pages can be viewed as a small, targeted website and are excellent ways to obtain new traffic in your local area or simply to zone in on a specific part of your business.

My Website Was Hacked (WordPress Edition)

Welcome to the wonderful world of websites, grab a glass of wine and get ready to forgive forget and move on - Keep this mindset when your site gets hacked. WordPress hacking is HUGE right now and it can be a scary episode if this is your first time going through the experience.

Website Maintenance - WordPress Hacked

First, keep in mind that 99% of the time the hacking and/or site breach is not personal. In my experience, I have found that much of the time the attack is not even stemming from a human being but from software. We could sit here and speculate all day on why anyone/thing would target your innocent website or blog for seemingly no reason at all. The majority of the time, the reason behind hacking and website breaches are to use your website to help spread their SPAM links.

What do I do now?
The good news is that your site was most likely targeted along with a large number of other similar websites using a similar setup (WordPress for example). The damage you are facing is probably injected junk code into a series of one or more of your website files. While this is a total annoyance and can make your website behave in bizarre and unpredictable ways, we deal with this issue more often than we would like and can remedy the problem quickly.

If your website has issues due to a hack, simply give us a call and we can resolve the issue as well as put measures in place to try to ensure another hacking episode does not occur.

We Are Proud Website Sponsors For Reach For Kids!

This is a quick mention for the great people that run Reach For Kids. We recently have had the pleasure to team up and offer our website maintenance services for this organization.

Reach For Kids

Reach For Kids is a resource guide for parents with special needs kids in the Greater Houston area. Their goal is to help provide resources and information to parents that address a wide range of needs and disabilities.

On a more personal note, I have a daughter with special needs and know that the culture surrounding attending therapy, managing different medical specialist, and seeking positive direction is very challenging.

I encourage any parents with similar circumstances to check out the fantastic resources that Reach For Kids has listed on their website.

Why Is My Website Slow – WordPress Edition

Let's kick this off by saying that WordPress is (as I am sure you agree) great! WordPress is a gift out of the box, your site is structured in a search engine friendly way, you have loads of nice template designs to get you up and moving fast, and there are endless ways of customizing your installation.

We have plenty of customers that run WordPress and almost immediately the first remark is "why is my site so slow?". This usually reveals the #1 flaw of WordPress - the overwhelming presence of third-party add-ons and plug-ins.


WordPress Plug-ins Are Not A Bad Thing
The problem we see is just like hoarding apps on your smart phone, you just can't help but install them. Plug-ins for WordPress are super simple to install and vary in performance. A common occurrence I will see personally is a simple website which has upwards of 15 plug-ins all active and not in use. A good rule of thumb, if you are not using a plugin remove it.

WordPress On Steroids
No such thing - as said before, WordPress is a great platform as is. There are many (some decent) "All-In-One" super website optimizers and performance enhancers out there. Truth be told, most users that use these all-in-one plugins do so because they sound awesome and they think that their site would be better with than without. I never recommend these plugins as they certainly play a role in performance which most of the time is not beneficial.

My rule of thumb when it comes to slower WordPress based website speed is to keep your installation clean, efficient, and specific to your exact needs.