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Our customers are surprised at what our service actually covers. Let’s say for example you have a WordPress website that has not been updated in a while, you see several notifications to update plugins, you need to update your text and add new information on your pages, change menu items, and update images that just don’t look right – we have you covered. What about that website you paid good money to have built and just never got off of the ground, the website loads slow and was never fully operational – we have you covered. We will also review all task related requests to ensure the most efficient results can be obtained.

Common Questions

What is a service request?

A specific service request is applicable to a single designated area or page of your website. How about an example? Let's say you need a few images updated on one of your pages - simply e-mail them to us, we will review, confirm and schedule in your updates as single service request. In some cases if a service request exceeds your plan capabilities we will supply you with options and the additional charges that would be required to fulfill the request.

How long does it take to update my website?

Fast, efficient service is what we are known for, in most cases basic updates will be completed and available online with only a few hours of your request.

Is web hosting and domain support included in my plan?

When it comes to help, advice, assistance, and alike with your existing web hosting account - yes, web hosting and domain support are included with our service plans. In many cases our customers already have web hosting service and eventually wish to utilize managed web hosting service through us to keep all of their web services in one basket - in this event we do offer cPanel hosting services on a yearly basis as an add-on to your maintenance service plan.

Is there any guarantee or warranty for my website?

Yes, we promise to provide you with adequate service until you are satisfied completely. You can also count on honest advice, we are in your corner.

How do I get listed within the search engines?

Basic search engine optimization (SEO) is included within all of our service plans. Should you wish to explore more concentrated search engine placement efforts please let us know and we will gladly discuss options with you.

What if I want new features like design and development?

We encourage special functionality at any time, pre or post development. Since all special functionality is tailored to your specific requirements, we will offer options based on the most efficient route to achieve the end-goal by balancing your needs with special pricing.

Alison – From bodymindrepatterning.com Says…

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your prompt and effective responses!!! To be able to trust that you get right on these little (or big) glitches and crises is Gold to me as a business owner with no internal resources to address them!

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